Term Paper Introduction and Body Part Prompts

A high quality term paper is often difficult to produce. One must take a topic, research it fully, and create a thoughtful essay with a specific point of view. You must gather all the pertinent and relevant information available and develop a coherent argument which flows from introduction to conclusion. It must be done in a way that enables the reader to clearly follow your writing to analyze your facts and evidence as you reach your conclusion. There are very important parts of the term paper which need concentration and focus.


In order to write a skillful introduction, you must consider the audience for which you are writing. A majority of term papers are for academic purposes; therefore your audience will be teachers, professors, and other scholarly individuals. They are looking to see if you followed the appropriate prompts when writing your introduction. They are looking for you to provide an attention grabbing statement which leads them to continue reading your paper. They want to be captivated, enthralled, and fascinated. They want you to provide a guideline for what the term paper is about what issues will be covered, and what questions are about to be answered. If there was a specific prompt provided in the assignment, you must make sure it is fully and completely covered during your introduction. The reader must be able to ascertain through the introduction what the nature of your assignment was and how you are accomplishing the goal of completing that task.


The body of your essay is a continuation of your introduction. The body will be broken into various arguments. These arguments will be supported by facts and evidence. There must be a smooth transition between points which allow the reader to easily follow the flow of your writing. It is essential if prompts were provided as part of your assignment that they are fully expanded upon in the body of your term paper. You must prioritize the arguments to spend time on your strongest point. However, you must not eliminate or avoid opposing points of view, as addressing the will make your presentation significantly better. The arguments must follow the guidelines laid out in the introduction and lead the reader to the conclusions you are making and supporting with the facts and evidence. It must not be disjointed, sloppy or jumbo. A reader will become confused and fail to finish reading your term paper if it exhibits any of these detrimental signs. A proper exhaustive, comprehensive, cogent argument throughout the body of the term paper will always be a positive.