Top Ten Hints for Creating a Good Application Essay

A good application essay is the one that leaves an impression on the reader. It is not very tough because you already have all the information about yourself. All you are supposed to do is pen it down. Here are the top ten tips that will help you in writing a great essay.

  1. Be yourself: the application essay must tell the character, interests, qualities and achievements of the student. Be very honest and start writing the truth about yourself. You are supposed to help the admission officer understand your personality.
  2. Analyze your personality: you are the best judge of yourself. Try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and choose a topic that best describes your strengths.
  3. Use creativity: do not write a very general essay about how efficient of a person you are. The officers read thousands of such essays during the admissions. Use your creative ideas to make your essay stand out from the rest. Choose a topic or an experience that can hook the reader.
  4. Avoid too much information: you may be a very multi-talented person but do not put all information about yourself and your accomplishments in one place. The admission form already has them in other areas. Write about that one or two things that are unique to you.
  5. Build interest:  do not use general statements and open ended sentences. Try to get the reader involved by telling him a story. Help you reader visualize and strengthen his imagination with solid examples.
  6. Organize your essay: before you start writing revise in your mind the structure of your essay. What will you write in the introduction, what will be your supporting arguments and how will you conclude them.
  7. Read your essay:  once you have finished writing your essay it is time to read it out in an audible and clear voice. If there is a sentence or a word that does not make sense you will get it when you hear it.
  8. Be brief: make sure the essay is not repetitive and every paragraph is unique. If there is any fluff in the essay remove it. It is not important to meet the word count and ignore the preciseness.
  9. Meet the specifications:  follow the requirements set by the university.
  10. Proof-read and edit: once you have completed the essay proof read it and ask a third person to give an objective opinion on it.