Creative Guidelines on How to Write a Simple School Essay

School essays can and will be given in many academic classes. You could have three or four essays due in one week. It is important to learn the process, know the formats for APA and MLA, and to have a checklist for referencing and quality control.

The Process

For all papers make sure you have an outline, research, in-text citations, rough drafts, final drafts, and either a Works Cited page or a bibliography page.

Print or invest in a calendar or agenda. When you are assigned the paper, mark your deadlines on the calendar. Give yourself a buffer and move everything up two to three days from the actual date due. Being ready ahead of time will save you much aggravation.

Find out if the paper will be submitted via hard copy or via a drop box or share. Your teacher may also request you use a plagiarism site. Sign up for whatever sites may be required. If you have trouble signing up now, you can talk to the teacher. Never wait to the day the paper is due to drop or upload it. Check the printer for ink, because “I ran out of ink” is not a valid excuse.

Keep to your schedule and never get behind because playing catch-up with any paper is never smart.


The APA and MLA styles are different, so have a guide with instructions by your side as you write or purchase a book on the style formats. After writing a few of the papers, the style will become second hand to you.

English teachers tend to use MLA and science classes, as well as Social Studies like APA. Nowhere is it written that the teachers must follow this guideline. They can pick whatever style they like.

Creative Checklist

Use a checklist as you write and when you finish. A checklist can include:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Citations matching Works Cited
  • Outline
  • Sentence Structure
  • Vocabulary Check
  • Deadline notes
  • Outline ideas
  • Thesis statement
  • Appointments with the teacher
  • A list of data bases that are approved
  • APA or MLA suitable
  • Peer review
  • Editing

You can color code your checklist, put your schedule on your tablet or phone, set reminders, seek professional help, and plan on making daily progress. All of these ideas will keep you moving along with a successful and well-written essay.