Landing a Good Dissertation Topic – How To?

At the end of a long and devastating academic career, it would be nice if students got a break – maybe a three week vacation away from anything related to education. However, this isn’t how things usually work for the unfortunate pupil. Instead of rewarding them for their years and months of hard work, you get another assignment – one of your hardest assignments. Dissertations are usually the last big hurtle that students must overcome before achieving their chosen degree, and in some way, it seems like a punishment. Despite putting in years upon years of hard work, you still have to pump out this detailed, researched, organized and thoughtful dissertation. This is hard enough on its own, but even harder when you don’t have a good topic to work off of.

Finding a great dissertation topic is half the battle of dissertation writing. If you’re searching for a dissertation topicand don’t know where to start, don’t panic – you aren’t alone. Below, we’ve compiled a list of places that can aid any student, regardless of their subject area, in finding a unique and interesting dissertation topic. These places include:

  1. Previous dissertations. A great place to start looking for a dissertation topic is in the background of previously written work. Number-one dissertation essays got that way by picking thoughtful and interesting topics. Review some of the better dissertation topics through scholarly databases and other online sources. Think about the kinds of ideas these writers tackled and meld them with your own.
  2. Teacher consultation. Astoundingly, teachers are pretty willing to consult with you on dissertation ideas. You will need to give them something to work off of – maybe a general idea or concept – but they are great tools for helping you develop viable thesis ideas. Considering the fact that this teacher may also be grading your dissertation, it’s never a bad idea to get their input beforehand.
  3. Online writing services. While a bit more expensive than the other options, it’s also a bit more profitable. Credible online writing services, such as DissertationTeam, an absolutely credible one, are staffed by experts that do nothing but work on academic assignments. They have more knowledge and ideas for dissertation topics than anyone, and they can get their ideas to you fast. If teachers and prior work aren’t helping, this is one of your best bets for landing a great dissertation topic.