Pregnant women using drugs


The human evolution has surely been altered as time has progressed. Apart from that, new risks and hazards are also created for the living people and upcoming generations. Nevertheless, the usage of drugs on a massive stage has also inflicted severe damage to the newly born babies having parental drug intake, specifically related to mother in pregnancy period. Scientists have been assessing the threat for the past three decades and hence the medical sciences has also excelled in determining the implications of maternal lifestyle related choices and their detrimental impacts on the well being of the young born.

Drugs and Implications

During year 2012, it has been observed that around 11% of the women who have delivered infants within hospital vicinity have made used of illegal drugs during their stages in pregnancy. Apart from that, ample evidences are presented which have showed that the intake of these drugs has caused severe damage to the fetuses. There is quite a wide variety of drugs including the methadone, heroin, and amphetamines.

Illegal Drugs

Consumption of illegal, as well as legal drugs, is quite harmful in one way or another. The most common illegal drug is Marijuana, and it has the most severe influence on the overall health of the child in fetus. Marijuana has the ability to cross the placenta of baby causing the lack of proper oxygen supply to baby leading to suffocation and in extreme cases death. Similar implication has been observed for cocaine usage, but they are even more detrimental for the live of child in fetus. In most common cases, the cocaine become a part of baby’s blood circulation, and it is quite difficult to mitigate its impact in babies as compared to adults.

Heroin is another culprit in the very same scenario causing the unborn baby to be solely dependent on the sinister drug intake. However, the methamphetamines make the heart rate of mother and baby increase. On the longer run, the baby will be addicted by methamphetamines.

Legal Drugs

Environmental factors together with dangerous lifestyle are quite severe threat for fetus development. Common practices of alcohol consumption and intake of tobacco results in a number of birth related disorders. Smoking of tobacco enhances the chances of congenital abnormalities. However, the intake of alcohol does not have a significant impact on the newborn’s life.


All in all, the intake of drugs from a pregnant mother have a severe impact during the delivery as well on the longer run. Moreover, the habits also become the foundation stone for newborns to follow the footsteps of their parents due to the induction of these toxins in their bloodstream. In order to overcome this ethical dilemma, it is better considering legislation to inhibit such disorders.