Essays Hints: Style and Presentations

There are many components to think about when wanting to construct a great essay. One main detail that strikes a reader is a writer’s style and the way they present a piece. A style can either make or break an essay. While it is largely subjective, and at the whims of the opinion of the reader, there are ways to make your style readable for future readers.

Style and presentation are very integrated with each other. It is possible to have good style and bad presentation, or bad presentation with good style. Finding the balance to both of these factors does not have to be challenging, but does take practice. Take a look at a few tips to help with both style and presentation.

  • Style- The style of an essay largely revolves around the author’s voice. First, it is helpful to acknowledge what you want to be saying in your essay. Ask yourself a couple questions about your essay to come to your own conclusion of how you want to sound. Do you want to come off as informative or casual? Who is the audience of this essay? Is your aim to be funny or serious? Once determining the aim of the essay, select which style you want to approach from there.
  • Voice- The voice of an author is very important to an essay. It is also a very personal thing. To develop your writing voice, the best way is to write- its as simple as that. With time, you will create your own style of voice and conveying your voice to the reader will become automatic and natural. For the best writers in the world, they have a distinct writing voice- something that can be picked up on by diligent readers, even if they were to pick up a piece without seeing the author’s name. To get to that level, consider what kind of styles you like to read. It is possible to pull inspiration from your favorite authors, and write from there.
  • Presentation- Presentation is a vital component to the essay. Something that aids in presentation is the organization of the essay. If the essay is neatly organized, it will present your piece as being more concise and more readable. Take into account how to construct your essay by how you want to unfold information to the readers. There is a lot of room to explore this, but as a general rule of thumb, keeping to traditional essay form will help strengthen your essay.