Personal essay writing companies: pros and cons

A personal essay can be harder than a research paper or any regular type of essay, simply for the fact that it’s all about you. It can be more tough to write about yourself accurately than about sensitive moments in history or controversial topics like abortion. If you have a personal essay you need to write and are struggling with it, there are companies online where you can pay someone to write it for you. These are professional writers with experience in doing personal essays for lots of other students just like you. Going with an expert is definitely the path for you if you want success without doing the work for it.

Pros of Hiring a Personal Essay Writer

Here’s what you need to know about hiring writers online: they aren’t all created equally. There are some you can find who are amazing at what they do but very expensive, some who are also amazing at their jobs and reasonably priced, those who are poor writers and too expensive, and then those that are bad writers and also cheap. Finding the right balance for you and your personal essay is part of the trick of hiring a writer online.


  • The writer can finish your essay much faster than you could
  • The writer you hire can do a much better job on this essay and get you a good mark
  • It saves you a lot of time and energy
  • It can be pretty cheap depending on the writer
  • No plagiarism is involved; only unique, custom essays

Cons of Hiring a Personal Essay Writer

Some things to watch out for with hiring a writer online are the usual culprits: spammers, frauds that just want your money, writers who aren’t as good as they claim to be, and other people who will lie to you.


  • You never know for sure if you can trust the writer
  • What if they do a bad job and refuse to redo it or refund you
  • If they stole or plagiarised the essay and you are blamed for it, what can you do?
  • Writers can sometimes be very expensive
  • You might have to redo all their work, and you’ll have less time left before it’s due

Now that you’ve explored both sides of hiring a writer for your personal essay, what are you going to choose? Both have merit, and it really depends on you and your situation.