How to write an essay - finding help online for free

There are many sources of information online designed to help you write an essay. The major difference between the different types of online help involves cost. This article is about finding online help when writing an essay where there is no cost involved. So we can discount all those sites offering fee-paying services.

But before you start searching the web for free essay writing help online, you need to sort out in your own mind exactly what type of help you need. This can save you a significant amount of time. Someone who goes into a search engine with a general topic is likely to be swamped with general websites. You want something which is specific to your need. What is your particular area of need as far as essay writing is concerned?

  • Are you short of ideas for an appropriate topic?
  • Are you looking for guidance as far as structure of your essays are concerned?
  • Are you having difficulties with the requirements of a particular format?
  • Do you need help in the planning and preparation of the writing of your essay?

Once you nail in specific detail the area or areas of weakness you believe you have in writing an essay, you are much better able to search for appropriate help. Believe me it is there and much of it is extremely helpful. Remember that the people providing this type of online help are not doing it for a fee.

There are numerous websites which suggest ideas for topics to write an essay. That's great in itself but remember that even if the topic sounds interesting you need to be sure that it is appropriate for the task you have been set.

Many educational institutions operate a website where they provide assistance in the structure of writing an essay. They give details about what should be included in the thesis statement, an introduction, the body paragraphs and in the conclusion or summary.

Again there are many free websites which detail the requirements of such things as the APA and the MLA formats. If you're not sure how to cite references or set up a title page, there are free websites which show essay writers just what is required.

Nobody writing an essay will do so unless they plan and prepare well in advance. If you want to know how to go about brainstorming, taking notes and drawing up a plan or outline of an essay, again there are dozens of websites which offer free help online.