How to Write an Academic Paper in 5 Hours

When going through college, there are times when academic assignments mount and you find it very hard to get all the work done. When deadline looms and you have to finish an academic paper within a matter of hours, what can you do with the crisis situation? Below are some tips on how to write an academic paper in as little as five hours.

  • The Main Point of Your Essay. It sounds easy to come up with a thesis statement, but it is actually the most difficult part of the process. In your paper, you need to answer a particular question or defend a particular viewpoint. To come up with a thesis statement, think back on any material you may have read, or anything related to the topic you have heard in class. The missing factor which will turn a question into an answer is your thesis statement. Don’t speculate, be specific when you get someone to do my homework online.
  • For What Reason and Wherefore Does It Go? You don’t have to try hard to sound smart. Instead, keep your paper simple, and use a straightforward argument that’s easy to follow. The opposite usually occurs when you try to use big words to sound knowledgeable. Remember, good writing is clear writing. The trick is to pull the correct information from your head, and state it with precise language. Use whatever information you got from class and transform it to simple and concise statements.
  • Do Some Last Minute Research. By scraping together a thesis statement and writing down anything you can think of to support it, you are done gathering half of the material which is not enough to finish your paper. Do not panic. The answer is in your text book. Quickly look up your information in the index part of your textbook and see if you have missed something that could support your thesis. Keep digging into the book and find any quotes that could be used for your paper. You will soon gather enough information.
  • 1-2-3 Essay Structure. Now you are ready to get into the actual writing of your academic paper. The easiest trick is to structure your paper in three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Include your thesis statement in your introduction, support it in the body of the paper, and revisit it in the conclusion part.
  • Don’t Mess Up. Now you have come up with a draft of your academic paper, but your job is not done yet. Do not let some stupid mistakes mess up your grade. Proofread your paper, make sure all the errors are corrected, the sources are cited, the thesis statement is solid, the writing is sound, and the format follows the guidelines.