Easy-to-write research paper topics for the high school English class

English classes assign research papers less for the information itself but as a means of displaying the writer’s prowess with the language. As a result, in picking your topic you should shift your focus onto how well you can write the topic rather than how much you like the topic. There should be some overlap between those needs but if the paper is being graded, try to show your work in the best possible light. Here are some topics to consider.

Should cheerleading be a sport?

Many young people, most of them female, are engaged in cheerleading activities which risk their lives and health just as much as the sporting teams they support. By not having the same status as a sport they are far less regulated and receive less funding. You can discuss the gender roles in sports and how this came to be.

Should un-schooling be an option worldwide?

Un-schooling allows children to teach themselves basically at a pace that they decide on and in subject areas they enjoy. This frightens some educators and is supported by others. You can discuss the effects both positive and negative of this teaching method.

How can the global obesity epidemic be addressed?

The rate of obesity is increasing at an unprecedented rate worldwide and for the first time in history, the likelihood of obesity is higher for poor people. Look into the reasons for this especially the relative prices of healthier foods. Solutions such as home-gardens and community food banks can also be discussed.

Should music programs in schools be voluntary?

This essay can look at the merit of doing music as well as the rights of students who are not musically inclined to opt out of such programs.

Should dolphins and other intelligent species be granted human status?

This issue was raised some time ago. Human beings share the planet with other creatures some of whom have comparable intellect to humans. This can include a discussion of what rights would be afforded to such creatures, which ones would make the list and how we would communicate this change to them. This is a controversial topic but could easily yield a fascinating research paper.

As you decide on a topic, make sure that your style shines through to capture the reader. What you write is just as important in this case as how you write it.