Never use MBA essay editing service

You may have heard that using essay editing services is bad; that’s not always the case but it often is. Regardless, you should never use an MBA editing service which you haven’t fully vetted to ensure that the service employs competent editors who are experienced with MBA essays.

Pitfalls of Using an Editing Service

Most editing services simply aren’t experienced with the writing conventions common to MBA essays. Literary essays are really a different form of writing altogether, and an essay editing service which employs editors who don’t understand this can butcher your essay unintentionally by assigning the wrong type of editor to go over it.

Another issue is that many online essay editing services are really just proofreading services. While proofreading is necessary, it’s easy to find a friend or family member that can help you find spelling and grammar mistakes in your essay; a paid service isn’t necessary for that.

Writing Services Disguised as Editing Services

Some services that style themselves as editing services are actually writing services. These companies will provide students with a complete essay that’s already been written. Using these services can be a disaster for your MBA application. Your entrance essay is one of the most important parts of your application; a poorly written or dishonest essay can cause your application to be rejected even if every other aspect of it is exceptional.

Choose a Trusted Editor You Know

Choose someone you know well, in a professional or academic setting, to edit your essay for you. This way, you’ll be able to work with them throughout the process, hear their explanations for why they would change certain things, and get a new perspective on your writing. You’ll also trust that this person has your best interests in mind, whereas a paid editing service doesn’t necessarily care what the outcome of your application is.

Write Your Essay Early

If you write your essay with plenty of time to spare, you can set the rough draft aside for a few weeks. When you return to it and re-read it, you may find you’re fully capable of editing it on your own. Another option is to make several copies of the rough draft, and lend them to those whose opinions you trust. Ask them to make notes about anything they find unclear, or that they would change, add, or omit. This way, you can edit your own essay with the input of others.