Moral Courage And Job Satisfaction

Most of the times, people find it difficult to live the lives they have always wanted to do. However, the truth is that the power lies in each and every one of the people out there when it comes to making a difference (even if it’s a small one). Moral courage and job satisfaction should go hand in hand and they should never be an option, but a ready-made choice that cannot be changed in any other way.

A lot of people out there are distressed about their jobs and even more than them there are miserable precisely because they lack the moral courage to stand up for their rights and for the rights of their colleagues. It takes a great deal of courage to actually talk to one’s boss and shoulder the responsibility of one’s words. Even more, most of the people out there feel that such things would actually bring them on the brink of collapsing into unemployment and depression.

However, those people should imagine a life where they are bound to working every single day in an environment they deeply dislike and/or doing something that is in deep opposition with their true values in life. The money comes and goes, but the misery can stay there for months, years and even decades at a time. It is thus of the highest importance that these people either quit their jobs completely or they adapt their jobs to their values.

It is thus of the highest importance that moral courage takes over. Seeing someone treated badly should be an alarm signal for everybody out there and even if they risk losing their job or being considered as dispensable assets of the company in which they work. In the end, it is much better to stand up for what one believes in than to live in misery and sickness at the thought of the things that happened around him/her.

It is to be kept in mind the fact that moral courage is not the equivalent of recklessness. While the first fights for noble moral reasons, the second one fights for nothing at all and stands up just for the sake of anarchy itself. Even more, moral courage is nothing like fanaticism because the first is based on moral judgments, while the second one is based on rather irrational beliefs. Moral courage is something everybody out there should stand up for and it is definitely one of those things that can change the world completely.