Looking For Some Assistance with 5 Paragraph Essay Writing?

Five paragraph essays are a common schoolwork assignment. When students begin writing longer pieces, the five paragraph essay is one of the first writing forms they learn. This classic essay style needn’t be intimidating, either. If you’re looking for some assistance with 5 paragraph essay writing, you’ve come to the right place.

The Three Parts of a Five Paragraph Essay

Five paragraph essays consist of three components:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The introduction of the essay should be one paragraph in length, followed by three body paragraphs. Last comes the one paragraph conclusion. Even the beginning writer shouldn’t have a problem with writing an essay, as long as they follow this simple guide.

Writing the Introduction

The first paragraph of the essay is known as the introduction. The introduction does several things: it presents the topic of the essay, the writer’s opinion, and it outlines the key points of the essay. For example, if the essay is about dogs being better pets than hamsters, the first sentence might be, “A dog can be a much better pet than a hamster.” This should be followed by three reasons for the opinion to be true.

Writing the Body

The body of the essay is three paragraphs. Each one explains one of the reasons for the author’s opinion, and then backs it up with examples. A sample body paragraph might start with a sentence saying, “Dogs can learn a variety of useful tricks to help their master.” The rest of the paragraph would then be devoted to listing types of helpful tricks dogs can learn, such as fetching the newspaper, guarding their master’s property, and so forth.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph wraps up the essay. This final paragraph restates the author’s opinion (in different words than those used in the introduction), and the reasons for it, along with any additional conclusion the author has come to.


  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to write the essay cold. Create an outline listing what you’ll include in each part of the essay.
  • When you do sit down to write, just tackle one paragraph at a time. If you do it this way, writing an essay is no different than just writing a single paragraph—you’ll just put it all together at the end.
  • When you’ve finished your essay, have a friend read it over and check it for mistakes and misspellings.