College Essay Help: How to Impress the Reader?

Going to college has been a part of the American Dream for the past 75 years. Studying hard and getting good grades is a part of the process and is very important, but often times what you write in a college essay will be the deciding factor which will decide if you are getting an invitation to the school or not. It is vital to remember that you are writing your essay for an audience and usually an audience of more than one person. So choose a topic that will impress the reader and make them want to include you as a part of their institution.

Be a Contributor

One of the best ways to impress the readers of your essays is to be able to portray yourself as a contributor to other people. Often times people spend a lot of time describing the benefits they received from being a part of the schools and family lives they were involved in. They don’t realize that people are much less impressed by what you take from something than from what you contribute to it. It makes sense then to focus an essay topic on something that you contributed to others rather than a grade or accolade you received. This can be done through describing how you spent your time contributing to improvement of something or someone. It can be a charitable group that you contributed to or volunteer work within the community. Whatever topics you choose, they should show how you care about the communities that you live in and take pride in making them more enjoyable places for others.

Show your Values

Another great way to impress the readers of your college essays is to display great values in the writings that you have. Values can be a difficult topic to write about because they can sound like bragging, but that isn’t the case when writing a college essay, the point is to gain entrance into the institution of your choice. The odds of this happening are far better if they know your values are good. This can be relayed by relating a story about your life in which you obviously showed great character. It doesn’t matter if it was a personal story from your family life or if it is from your education. What needs to be displayed is that you clearly understand the difference that good values can have in your life. Positive values like truth, honesty, and character can be easily transferable to the college situation. A reader of this essay will want you to become a part of their institution, because you can never have enough people who know how to do the right thing.