Today's Students have too much Homework

As the areas of science, arts and social sciences got more and more defined and divided into particular fields, so did the subjects of students. Increase in the number of subjects means an increase in the homework assignments of the students. To ensure for them the knowledge of all disciplines, schools have introduced all the subjects relevant to specific areas to enhance the knowledge of students and increase their competence. This surely benefited students but also increased their burden in their routine lives. There are a lot of reasons for students to have too much work.

Increase competency:

The institutions these days aim to provide students knowledge of all the area. There is competition between the institutions which results students entrapped in a lot of homework also badly affecting their entertainment of life. The students are confined to their books and assignments for at least more than half of the day. To maintain their competency and rank higher in the class they have to work so hard that they have to study several hours at home even after the school hours.

Practice of work:

The basic purpose of homework is to make child practice what he has learnt today at school. This is so that he might not forget what teachers have taught him in school. But institutions do not realize that they are just increasing the burden on minds of students. Learning should be transferred to the minds of students in a creative way rather than just making them read and cram what teachers want them to learn.

Make them hard working:

Another aim of assigning homework to students is to make them hardworking. They must work so much that they get used to of working in this manner in future and contribute to the progress of life. But this instead, snatches from them their happy hours and makes life more robotic for them.


Another major dilemma for students today is to get maximum grades for which they are given homework assignments. It seems that in the race of study, institutions have consciously or unconsciously have focused on burdening children instead of fulfilling the real purpose of knowledge or the real way to teach students. These are the reasons that have made students a machine rather than a human learning knowledge. As a result, students have a lot of homework to do that just adds to their study hours.