Article writing help online

If you are in the business of writing articles and need help to improve your craft, there is definitely help available online. One of the best ways to decide if the websites you discover are seriously going to help your article writing, is to ask the following questions.

  • Does the headline grab you?
  • Are the sentences short and punchy?
  • Do you find numbered or bulleted lists?
  • Is the typeface friendly?
  • Do the words grab you?
  • Does the article sit well on a computer page?
  • Is it full of padding?
  • Does it address your concerns?

These are just some of the questions you should consider when you look for online help to become a better article writer. Let’s go through a few of these points in more detail.

The headline is obviously important. People scan a lot today. I don't mean they use a scanning machine, I mean they let their eyes wander over the screen or down the page looking for something which grabs their attention. It's often the headline. If it grabs your attention, it's good. Pay attention to your choice of headline. Be creative. Think about pulling the readers’ eye towards your article.

Long, overblown and boring sentences very quickly turn off the reader. Keep your sentences short and to the point.

Reading, particularly on a computer screen or tablet, can be difficult if the text is all the same. Breaking up the text with subheadings and bullet points makes reading easier. So it is too with the choice of typeface or font. Make it one which is easy to read. Having a fancy font may look trendy but if it's difficult to read you shot yourself in the foot.

A computer screen, particularly a wide one, is not easy to read if the sentences are spread out across the screen. Create text boxes where your article is easy to read. The reason why newspapers have narrow columns is for ease of reading. They suit the eyes.

Avoid padding like the plague

Now the best looking article is of little value if it's full of padding. Readers have a padding meter and very quickly switch off when you serve up padding and waffle. Fill your article with relevant and interesting information. Substance sells.

Finally take your time in seeking article writing help online. Don’t take the first piece of advice you find. Compare and choose the tips which make sense and give down-to-earth, practical advice.