How To Write A Case Study: Defining Your Approach

When you write a case study defining your approach may depend on your topic and problem you are trying to solve. There are various ways a case study can be completed and often, you need to follow a specific list of guidelines or instructions to produce the content required. There are different formats to consider that may give ideas on how to come up with your approach. The following points are areas of interest to think about when creating your angle, perspective or point of view for your approach.

  • Review types of case studies you can complete for your intended audience. Consider style and design that can complement your readers. Use sources such as DVDs, books and publications to determine your topic. Get ideas from research studies that were previously completed on similar subject matter.
  • You can conduct interviews related to your topic. Select your subjects and determine when to conduct the interview; this can include a group or individuals. Make your list of questions to ask that will help you get raw information for your topic. This may also give insight from a unique standpoint you want to mention in the study. Consider what kind of opinions you may encounter.
  • Collect data through a combination of interview conducting and analyzing of old documents. You may need to request material or records that are archived such as artifacts. Upon doing this you can have your findings in a collective place and decide how to form your problem. In most cases the problem is detailed in two sentences or less.
  • Data collected from research should be enough to allow you to start writing. Follow formatting guidelines as necessary since you may be required to cite sources throughout your study. An appendices or references could be completed. Revise your content and refine sentences and paragraphs into solid concise information. Add or eliminate data if needed. And of course, edit and proofread your content.

Additional Details about Case Study Writing

Some may be working to define an approach to more than one case study. If they follow similar guidelines you may want to make a template that allows you to plug in details faster for other case studies you are completing. The interview process should include questions that are open-ended; meaning, the subject should be able to give more than a simple one word answer. Get permission to include personal information from people you interview.