Tips On How To Write An Article Review On Any Topic At Any Time

Article reviews can be written about any kind of topic. You might be writing a review about a book, a movie, a product or service, or even an event that you went to. No matter what you’re writing about, you can do a good job of it if you have the right techniques. Article writing isn’t rocket science. Even if you don’t consider yourself a good writer, you can do this will very little stress if you know what you’re doing. Find out how you can get a great essay written when you keep reading!

Article Writing Tips

Starting out, you should be outlining your ideas. I know, outlines = groan. But listen for a minute: it doesn’t have to take you a lot of time, or be very detailed. All you need is a simple way of planning out your article because it’ll help a lot. Once you have a basic foundation to work from, everything goes more smoothly. So how do you write an outline for a review article? It’s really quite easy. Go back to the instructions you have to follow for this assignment and put them into a word document. Write each section name followed by a brief description, and what you need to or want to talk about there. Make sure to note if your professor requires a certain number of paragraphs or something like that.

Now you can start writing. Look back at the original text or thing that you’re reviewing. If you have time to, re-read the book, re-watch the movie, etc. to have more of its tone and feel in your head. Take lots of good notes and mark down quotes that you want to use in your review. The best kinds of reviews are in depth with specific examples of good, bad, and mediocre parts of the source referenced.

  • Try to think of examples of other books or movies if you can. If part of the book you read reminds you of another book that did it better (or worse) then say that.
  • Reviews shouldn’t be too long but they need to have enough information that a person can tell by the end of your review whether they’d go out and buy or watch that movie based on your opinion.
  • Another job of a well-written review is to be honest, no matter what your real opinion is: say it.